Why Is Our Lake Off-Limits?: Inside Eastside’s Polluted History

Sixth graders Anika Veerkar, Benicio Benny Flores, and Libby Abrams live a short drive from a small lake, but they’ve never been swimming in it. It’s closed off as a Superfundö site, a mysterious phrase they’ve never heard elsewhere. When Benny’s out-of-town uncle brings him fishing gear as a present, only to find out no one is allowed to fish in the lake, the friends determine their next big question to explore: Why is the lake off-limits? As the friends interview their neighbours and explore their community’s history, they’ll find that not being able to swim or fish in the lake might actually be a good thing.

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5 1/4" x 7 1/2"
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Anita Storey
Flux (Jolly Fish Press)
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