How Did We Get Here?: Exploring the Ancestry of Eastside Residents

Sixth graders Anika Veerkar, Benicio Benny Flores, and Libby Abrams constantly study their surroundings, hoping to find the next feature story for their online neighbourhood newsletter. But they’ve never turned their inquisitive gazes on themselves before. A chance question about Libby’s door decoration leads the friends to realize they’re all from immigrant families. This discovery prompts their next big questions: Where are our families from? Why and how did they come to the United States? As the friends learn their families’ histories and deal with upsetting news about Anika’s stay in the country, they vow to cherish what brings them together.

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5 1/4" x 7 1/2"
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Anita Storey
Flux (Jolly Fish Press)
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