Hemis & Drag Racing Muscle Cars

In Hemis & Drag Racing Muscle Cars, you can read about the remarkable Hemi engine that was developed by Chrysler. It is quite simply the most powerful production engine of all time, fitted in many models of muscle car throughout its heyday. You will also learn how drag racing as a sport was invented in the United States-a race, involving two cars side by side, following a short, straight course from a standing start over a measured distance of a quarter of a mile. Muscle cars are a world-famous phenomenon, owing their outrageous existence to a very simple formula. Take a mid-sized sedan, nothing too complicated, upmarket, or fancy, then add the biggest, raunchiest V8 that it is possible to squeeze under the hood, and there it is! If you are interested in the world of the automobile, this Muscle Cars series is for you. Each book encourages and motivates the young reader to explore this intriguing and iconic part of the car industry beginning in the 1960s.

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