3D Printing: The Revolution in Personalized Manufacturing

Classrooms, libraries, businesses, and community centers are jumping on board the 3D printing bandwagon. Many of the leading industry entrepreneurs are young people such as 13-year-old Alexis Lewis, who invented the patented Emergency Mask Pod, a kit of 3D printed lifesaving supplies. 3D printing technology can handle just about anything, including food, candy, clothing, cars, medical prosthetics, houses, and cars. It can even print 3D printers! This radically new "disruptive" technology, also called additive manufacturing, dates back to early experiments in the 1980s. It has grown exponentially ever since to the point where just about anyone can make anything anywhere anytime. Designs are often open source and easy to access online while materials and printers are affordable. Melissa Koch's in-depth research includes interviews with industry leaders to paint a portrait of an exciting new technology as well as its challenges.

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